Thousands of customer IDs ransacked in Latitude cyber attack

Over 100,000 identification documents were stolen as part of an attack on Latitide Group Holdings (LGH).

In a statement made on 16 March, LGH announced customer documents such as driver’s licenses and customer records were stolen by attackers using employee login credentials.

The ASX statement was made as part of a cyber incident report requesting a trading halt on LGH’s share price.

The financial services provider said it detected unusual activity on its systems from a major vendor used by Latitude in the days proceeding the incident.

“Latitude understands that approximately 103,000 identification documents, more than 97 per cent of which are copies of driver’s licences, were stolen from the first service provider,” a spokesperson said.

“Approximately 225,000 customer records were also stolen from the second service provider.”

“We are working with the Australian Cyber Security Centre, have alerted relevant law enforcement agencies and engaged several cyber security specialists to assist with Latitude’s response.”

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