To help our customers expand their business and increase earnings through innovation and technology. Our customers see us as the partner who will find a way.

As we engage, our customers recognise that we are there for them, as a high performance partner. We’ve built this reputation by being relentless in our determination to give our customers what they want.

We have a deep rooted culture of technical brilliance, inventive thinking, genuine curiosity, real integrity and personal accountability.


We refuse to be the same as every other IT consulting business. When confronting problems or building solutions, we always believe there is a better way. Our thinking starts by being different and unique, to avoid ending up with the ordinary. We are tenacious in finding solutions to tough problems.

This is our character, this is who we are.

Together, we find a way.

Acurus is an Australian technology company that successfully supports organisations in the utilities, health, government and retail sectors. Since it was established in 2007, Acurus has consulted, built, managed and supported multiple utility billing platforms across Australia, New Zealand, United States and, more recently, in Sweden. Our platforms have serviced more than 3.4 million retail customers across power, gas, water and telco.

Acurus timeline

Acurus Timeline

Acurus is a technology consultancy and systems integrator with a clear purpose – to make your technology work better. Our passion for technology – making it work harder and smarter to improve our customers’ business performance - is reflected in everything we do.

We are a Consultancy and Systems Integrator with a clear purpose that differentiates us in our customers’ eyes:

We help our customers expand their businesses and increase earnings through innovation and technology.

The passion for technology – purely in terms of what it can do for our customers’ business performance - is reflected in everything we do.

Partners & Certifications

HP Business Partner
Ring Central
Dell Partner Direct Preferred
Microsoft Gold Server Platform Silver Virtualization
VMWare Partner Professional
Cisco Partner
Lenovo 2016 Premium Business Partner
ISO 9001 Certified System
ISO 2701 Certified System
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Juniper Networks