Acurus Anex ® ISP-as-a-Service provides an ISP facilitation platform that can support Australian brands including energy retailers; supermarkets; home improvement retailers; electronics stores, health, home & vehicle insurance companies; and local governments.

Anex ISP-as-a-Service equips companies to get closer to their customers, reduce churn and increase revenue per customer, by creating multiple touch points between businesses and their consumers, from smart home solutions to personal lifestyle products.

Residential and SME/Business Services
Anex ISP-as-a-Service enables companies  to sell electricity, gas and telecommunication products. Built by the best ISP talents in Australia and New Zealand, Acurus has constructed this platform on a Layer 2 national ISP aggregation network based on agreements with Tier 1 telcos. This allows Australian brands to offer and provision NBN, ADSL VoIP and PSTN  services to their existing customer base with minimal or no extra acquisition costs.

Anex ISP-as-a-Service makes the following residential services available for on-selling:

  • NBN 12/1
  • NBN 25/5
  • NBN 50/20
  • NBN 100/40
  • ADSL
  • Naked ADSL
  • Home Phone
  • Home Phone & ADSL Bundled
  • Mobile Phone & Voice Data
  • Mobile Data, and
  • A Residential VoIP product available to deliver over Naked ADSL or NBN services.

SME/Business services available for on-selling include:

  • Ethernet over Copper
  • Fiber Services
  • ISDN PRI (10, 20, 30)
  • Mobile Phone Voice & Data, and
  • Mobile Phone Data.

Acurus – empowering telco/ISP customers
Anex ISP-as-a-Service provides each consumer with an ISP/Energy portal page to control their ISP services, along with mobile apps.

The platform provides companies with unique flexibility to create their own unique ISP/Telco products. For example,  Tomi Broadband has used the Anex ISP-as-a-Service platform to create unique Telco/ISP products including Pay as you go NBN and ADSL services/ weekly billing; and PauseTime – which pauses your service when you go on holiday.

Acurus – extensive experience with utilities

Acurus is an innovative company that is uniquely placed with integration services to take multiple energy, telco, ISP and utility products to market. Services based on Acurus platforms support a total of 3.2 million retail customers. Acurus has consulted, built, managed and supported multiple utility platforms for customers including:

  • Australia Power & Gas
  • Alinta Energy
  • Unitywater
  • Sunwater
  • Qenergy
  • CSenergy
  • Dodo
  • Horizon Power
  • Kiwi Energy (based in New York)
  • American Light & Power (based in Texas)
  • Prime Energy (based in New Zealand).

Acurus can provide pre-built ISP products for immediate offer or  design new, completely unique products within the initial six month setup period.

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