About Cardinia Shire Council

The Victorian Shire of Cardinia is a local government area south-east of Melbourne between Western Port and the Yarra Ranges. It has an area of 1280 square kilometres and has a population of 74,176. With a workforce of more than 400 full-time, part-time and casual employees, Cardinia Shire Council is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Australia.


Like all local governments, Cardinia Shire Council is under increasing pressure to provide more services to its residents despite the constraint of new capped rate increases. This has forced Cardinia Shire Council to look at innovative ways to deliver improved technology services with a smaller budget.


Cardinia Shire Council engaged Acurus to provide a detailed analysis of the council’s existing environment, including applications, and to provide a roadmap for migrating to the cloud. Acurus worked with application owners and the IT department to review existing services and to conduct detailed mapping of environments to identify any dependencies that might impede migration of the applications to the cloud. Acurus provided Cardinia Shire Council with a detailed report of the existing and future environments. The report includes information required to migrate the services and identifies potential cost savings and benefits to the council’s users. The IT roadmap considered all services and options including Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On-Premise and SaaS offerings from current and prospective vendors.