About Actrol

Actrol is the largest independent wholesaler in Australia servicing the refrigeration, air conditioning and allied industries. Actrol continues to evolve to remain the industry leader with innovative solutions to make business easier. With the head office in Melbourne, Actrol has more than 50 sites across Australia.


When Actrol IT Manager Michael Kanizay needed more money to gain approval of a crucial infrastructure refresh project, the only way to free up funds was to somehow reduce Actrol’s internet and communication costs.


Acurus used multiple technologies to designed a smart network that  increase performance by the Actrol network, added full redundancy to its 50 stores and reduce internet costs significantly.

Acurus initiated a Proof of Concept at Hervey Bay, Queensland, in November 2010 and validated it at Herston, Queensland, three months later. The integrity of the Acurus design was fully tested during one of the worst natural disasters in Australian history. Though the site was affected and the main copper internet connection went down, the solution failed-over to the redundant link without perceived interruption to the end users’ application.

Actrol signed off on the proposal for Acurus to build their new National Private Network using this smart new design.  With this single solution, Actrol:

  • Received the funds for his infrastructure refresh project
  • Reduced WAN costs by 40 per cent
  • Increased WAN performance by 30 per cent
  • Added redundancy to 85 per cent of its branch connections (50 stores), and
  • Provided IT operations with full visibility into network performance.

“We put the technology partnership out to tender and we’re glad we picked Acurus,” said Actrol IT Manager Michael Kanizay.  “They’re very responsive and they’re able to assist on a wide range of technology solutions. They are excellent to deal with, from design through to delivery. They’ve delivered what they originally specified and we are happy with the relationship.”