What is Acurus Unify?

Acurus Unify will keep you online, all the time. With the increasing demand for online applications and services, the last thing your business needs is an outage in your network connectivity.

How is this done?

By using SD-WAN technology to automatically use and choose between internet links connected to your business, ensuring internet availability even if one of these links drops out. Simply add an extra NBN connection, or a 4G SIM, or any other type of internet to your existing set-up and eliminate dropouts forever.


SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide-Area-Networking. It uses software to intelligently make decisions about your network that would normally take a human a long time, such as detecting a broken link and re-routing traffic to another working link or prioritizing an important phone call down the fastest link.

This sounds expensive!

Not at all – in fact, most of the time businesses SAVE money by switching to SD-WAN. By removing the need for expensive, long contracts with telco providers, and allowing the freedom to choose any internet provider, SD-WAN can often give you better performance AND cheaper costs.

How does it work?

Imagine your business currently employs one single “lane” for its entire internet connectivity. For the most part, traffic runs smoothly and without issue.

sdwan single lane

However, sometimes that lane can get congested, leading to issues such as network outages and service interruptions, which not only results in customer dissatisfaction but can also cost your business time and money.

sdwan congested lane

Acurus Unify eliminates that single point-of-failure by transforming it into a super highway when it needs to be, introducing new lanes to relieve congestion, and diverting specific traffic into the lane that suits it best.

sdwan multi lane
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Telco freedom

SD-WAN can create a private WAN between two sites over any internet connection – choose whichever telco provider you want!

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Eliminate drop-outs

Utilise multiple paths to the internet and your WAN, and eliminate downtime in your business

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Improve performance

SD-WAN can optimize the traffic being sent around your network, ensuring traffic gets from A to B via the quickest route possible, improving performance by making smart decisions and avoiding congested paths

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Monitor your network

Have better visibility over the performance, utilization, and health of your network than ever before

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Conduct business sooner

Connect to new sites, or temporary sites, in hours, not weeks or months, no matter where they are, and start conducting business immediately

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Reduce costs

Replace expensive connections with multiple cheaper redundant connections, without impacting your performance or reliability