Cloud and Hosted Services

For Acurus, cloud is more than a cliche. With many IT services firms spruiking their versions of cloud computing, there is much confusion about what it means and what it can do.

Acurus has the experience and expertise to provide your executive team with clear insights on what cloud computing actually means in practice and what benefits it can deliver today. Based on proven business cases of cloud deployment, Acurus offers guidance that ensures your organisation successfully navigates its way through through a bewildering field of cloud offerings. Acurus can assist your organisation to take a ‘Cloud First’ approach by building your own strategy that addresses questions including:

  • Compliance
  • Global access
  • Payment options
  • Security considerations
  • Self-service capabilities
  • Resource elasticity requirements
  • Provider and platform selection
  • Internal and/or external customer value perception
  • Is it a true consumption based model?
  • Integration with current infrastructure
  • Australian data centres or off shore
  • Existing infrastructure lifecycle
  • Networking considerations
  • Licensing implications
  • Service Levels
  • Scalability
  • Performance, and
  • Budget

Drivers for Cloud Adoption
Acurus knows that it doesn’t make sense to move services into the cloud in all cases. There are times when you’re better to keep them in-house. When making this choice, internal ‘customer’ satisfaction is less important than application delivery speed, reliability and security.

Cloud Journey
Acurus believes the first step in the journey to the cloud is to work out which services could be put into the cloud and which services will remain in-house. The next step is to work out when and where, and then finally who will manage these services.

  • Which services and applications should move to the cloud and which core systems should stay in-house?
  • When: Review infrastructure and licensing lifecycle to determine when services and applications will be moved across
  • Where: Many vendors and providers compete for your cloud business, but where should you put your trust and is it a true consumption-based model? Is the information stored in Australian data centres or off-shore?
  • Who: Should you keep control of managing these systems or can they be handed to your cloud provider/managed services partner?

As with every journey, moving to the cloud starts with knowing your destination. Acurus is pleased to discuss the future of your IT investment and how cloud offerings may suit your business.