About Tomi

Tomi Broadband is a new internet service provider offering the same high-speed, high-quality service as the big guys, but with smarter plans and lower prices. As a new entrant, Tomi is rethinking how customers interact with their supplier from the ground up. It’s an innovative, agile company that is customer experience-led.


After raising funds, Tomi Broadband wanted to spend more on marketing and acquiring customers, and less on equipment and technologies if possible. Tomi needed to enter the market as quickly as practical and then scale up as sales and marketing channels started gaining momentum. Tomi soon discovered the challenge of finding the expertise to design systems for accepting aggregated pipes from Tier One Australian telcos. Because Tomi was a new entrant with a zero customer base, Tier One and even medium-sized telcos would not build contracts or provide competitive pricing.


Acurus had commenced building its Anex platform, a new aggregated wholesale “white label” service offering. Although the Anex platform was designed for large Australian energy retailers or retailers with large consumer bases, Acurus was happy to onboard a pilot customer to test the platform, which kicked off the partnership between Tomi Broadband and Acurus.

Tomi went live in August 2014 and is picking up customers who are seeking an innovative, friendly Australian brand with unique internet plans including:

  • PauseTime: If you go on holidays, pause your internet service and bill.
  • Pay as you use plans: Rather than pay for large plans and not paying for it, pay for low plans and only pay as you use.
  • Weekly billing: Some customers would rather pay weekly