Acurus is a quality-endorsed company. Our ISO 9001:2015 registration covers the Quality Management System for outsourced IT managed services, including technology strategy, project deployment, maintenance, support, procurement and business continuity.

Acurus also has an offshore support team in Manila to perform Level 1 support for customers in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. These are 24/7/365 support services are provided by highly skilled Acurus employees. Acurus also maintains highly qualified staff in Australia to support customers for Level 2 and Level 3 technical services.

Acurus tailors its Maintenance Monitoring and Support agreement to meet your specific needs. This enables your organisation to engage with all levels of Acurus technical expertise at or below market rates depending on the commitment level you require.

Your Acurus engagement starts when your IT manager sets measurable corporate objectives and appropriate performance indicators. This equips us to develop a clearer structure, to become more efficient and to focus on those objectives. Once your corporate objectives are set, we detail the agreement with one or more of the services below.

  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Support.

Rather than just performing tasks, Acurus aims to establish a baseline that creates business value within a model of continual improvement. This agreement is an effective business support and improvement tool that enables customers to obtain with the Acurus skills they require, including:

  • Desktop engineers
  • Systems administrators
  • Systems engineers
  • Network engineers
  • Infrastructure engineers
  • Project managers and administrators, and
  • Solutions architects.

The Acurus Maintenance service pro-actively approaches availability management and performance optimisation across all internal systems. Together with our monitoring service, this provides excellent visibility into system performance, capacity planning and system reliability.

Acurus has a set of finely-tuned procedures and quality assurance checks and ensures that at least two of our engineers are across a single client’s maintenance requirements.  All engineers selected to perform such works are fully qualified with have many years of system administration experience.

Maintenance tasks are typically performed on a weekly, fortnightly, and monthly schedule depending on the tasks and systems maintained. The Maintenance component ensures that IT ‘housekeeping’ duties on business critical infrastructure take place on a regular basis.

Acurus runs a highly customised Monitoring system to establish baselines for system performance and let us set and measure performance indicators. Acurus responds to real-time alerts from monitored business-critical systems, providing regular monthly reports on uptime, performance, capacity status, risks and KPI’s.

Acurus provides your IT staff members with access to a web-based application that shows the health of your network in real time. We also provide high quality customised dashboards, showing tailored multi-layered map views of your network and systems. We can also provide an iPhone application with which to view your monitored services.

Your users can click on a major city and then drill down to a map of that city with locations of city branch offices. Multiple layers can be defined, that allow the user to drill down to branch level, providing an instant view of all service conditions within that branch. Once you reach the bottom level, you can access individual end points such as servers and firewalls, and obtain a history of all services running on that host, and the host’s uptime and performance.

Acurus can customise these high-level management dashboards  in any way required to represent IT resources geographically, or in a logical site view.  The Acurus Monitoring system can show you as much or as little detail as you need to enable engineers to quickly and accurately diagnose potential and actual issues. The Acurus Monitoring service can monitor your entire IT environment including:

  • Servers
  • Server Services like web servers, mail servers, etc
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • UPS’s
  • VPN’s
  • Critical DR services
  • WAN links
  • Bandwidth of links, and
  • Switches.

The Acurus monitoring system requires minimal training, allowing  new IT staff members train and start using this system within hours.

Although Acurus Maintenance and Monitoring services minimise ad-hoc issues and IT fire fighting events, your business can also access the Support component of the contract for reactive response to emergencies such as server or workstation crashes or network connectivity issues. Acurus can provide telephone or remote support, consulting services as requested or project engagement.

Acurus Support can assist your organisation by providing:

  • Overflow support work for specific high-level problems
  • Overflow support for part or whole days (either for desktop support, or server support)
  • Fixed cost project engagement.

Depending on required services, Acurus can provide monthly SLA reports and an executive IT management report. These SLA reports show system uptime, system performance, capacity status, current and a summary of events for that month.

Helpdesk Support and Response Times
The Acurus Helpdesk Ticketing System handles all issues related to IT problems and site change/moves/additions. The Helpdesk Ticketing System is  an enterprise-grade application customised for the interaction between Acurus and its customers. The Helpdesk Ticketing System also includes processes and procedures taking place behind the scenes:

  • Alerting relevant engineers to support any system down issues immediately
  • Providing all engineers who are members of your support group with full visibility into the state of all cases, even if they’re not directly responsible for that case. This enables us to escalate or transfer a case more efficiently
  • Providing Acurus with internal incentives to perform and respond within agreed response times
  • Maintaining records of all email correspondence linked to a ticket for historical reference
  • Providing performance reports and monitoring statistics for Acurus and for your IT management team, and
  • Meeting quality management objectives.

The Acurus Helpdesk Ticketing System Automatic sets system down alerts to pre-agreed thresholds (data usage volumes, network throughput volumes, ping response times etc.) andautomatically generates support tickets into the ticketing system. Acurus has tailored and guaranteed response time to issues.