About Kure Medical Solutions

Kure Medical Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tristar Medical Group, which has its headquarters in Mildura, Victoria. The company was established to ensure that high quality, accessible and affordable medical services would always be available to regional and rural communities. The organisation has grown to provide modern facilities and professional services at 57 medical centres, with more than 200 doctors across Victoria and New South Wales caring for thousands of patients. Understanding that health matters are often urgent and unplanned, the company prides itself on the ability for patients to make an appointment at short notice.


Tristar Medical Group was using expensive, proprietary platforms to transmit patient data between each clinic. Due to frequent outages of the platform, clinics would resort to using paper and couriers between each clinic. Through its medical support services arm, Tristar identified the need for a modern method to transmit patient information in a secure manner. In addition, Kure required a single-pane-of-glass view that used modern mobile devices to send, receive and manage the platform without needing to install an application.

To support clinics effectively, the group sought a highly available cloud platform to meet both security and scalability requirements. While Kure wanted a modern interface for transmitting patient information securely, it needed to pass the secure messages into existing legacy systems using HL7.


Kure engaged Acurus both to build the Secure Messaging Platform and to provide ongoing maintenance, monitoring and support of the solution. Acurus engaged with Kure and Tristar in detailed design workshops to get a full picture of both current issues as well as the requirements of those to use the platform on a daily basis. From the combined detailed design workshops, Acurus and Kure landed on a modern standards-based interface that was workable across all modern browsers and operated in a similar manner to current day web-based email clients. Acurus also scoped out an HL7 interface to operate inside Tristar’s network and interact with the Secure Messaging Platform using APIs and then transforming into an HL7 format for ingestion by legacy server based applications.


Acurus design workshops ensured the delivery of a portal that was intuitive to the end users, those with only standard PC knowledge intrinsically were able to send, read and receive messages. Acurus’ cloud platform design enabled both a highly available service and also a scalable and cost-effective system. The portals underpinning API design meant a great web-based user experience and the ability to integrate easily in a secure manner with both new platforms and existing legacy environments using the HL7 format.