Application Development and Platforms

Acurus has a long history of providing leading edge integration services across a wide range of platforms and markets. Acurus has built a development team with experience in leading web technologies, databases, architecture and design. Our developers have real world experience in both building bespoke applications and the real world requirements of these applications for hardware, network connectivity and performance. Specifications require more than software demands: The Acurus team focuses on the end-to-end requirements to ensure that your applications are built with high availability, performance and scalability in mind.

Acurus has also designed and built applications that deliver online self-signup for customers of electricity, gas, water, telecommunications and insurance industries. The application contains integration points with these markets that save time and money by both capturing data and validating the application via third party sources prior to submission.

This application enables the electricity, gas, water, telecommunications or insurance company to self-brand the page and specify what data is collected via its simple web-based interface. They can then publish the changes within hours instead of the days or weeks that such a system would traditionally take to build. Acurus has built this solution to be extensible. This enables it to adapt to support other industries, such as automotive, online retail, healthcare and banking, with minimal work.

Acurus Web Development services equip your organisation to embrace the cloud by extending your existing technology infrastructure to serve the on-demand economy. At Acurus, we understand web technology, both from our own experience and through working for some of the largest enterprises in Australia. Whether you want to evolve your existing web infrastructure or deploy disruptive new systems, Acurus has the web experience and expertise to make it happen.