Acurus recognises that Business Continuity is both a repetitional and operational requirements. With increasing board and senior executive focus on Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Acurus has successfully supported CIOs and IT managers with their business continuity objectives.

To make a BCP project simpler, Acurus recommends building as much resilience into your infrastructure as possible by keeping disaster recovery, high availability and business continuity in the forefront of your design.

Business impact analysis and risk assessment are fundamental during these design stages of the infrastructure refresh project. Acurus can assist you in key areas including:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Contingency Planning
  • Hot and Warm Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Hot Seat Facilities
  • High Availability Solutions, and
  • Risk Management.

Acurus addresses organisational Business Continuity 

Acurus recognises that each Business Continuity Plan must be tailored to meet organisational requirements by identifying departments that play a significant role in enabling business continuity as well as the ongoing testing and maintenance of those plans.

While the IT department is responsible for bringing systems back up after a disaster and reducing the downtime of the business, other departments within the organisation are required to ensure the plan works effectively. As a minimum, it is essential to heavily involve the Facilities and HR departments.

Acurus has the experience to propose creative solutions for recycling your infrastructure and using your Disaster Recovery (DR) systems. While many organisations leave DR systems idling, only for use in the event of a disaster, Acurus can set up these systems as a development environment or test environment for releasing new software or updates. This both leverages your investment and ensures system efficacy.

Acurus can help you with your BCP
Acurus welcomes the opportunity to discuss your current Disaster Recovery plan, or your next infrastructure refresh, to see if we can identify smart ways to build more resilience into your systems. Let us help you design a manageable plan that will ensure your business can continue to run with minimum impact following a disaster event.