Acurus has long engaged with clients to articulate their software needs then create tailored solutions to meet their unique businesses requirements. From on-premise CRM integrations to cloud-based business intelligence reporting, Acurus utilises our diverse range of development skills to pinpoint client requirements and deliver solutions that provide rapid return on investment and lasting value. We specialise in .Net, Java, Node, and mobile development.

Requirements Gathering

Acurus starts with your key stakeholders and subject matter experts meeting our team of analysts. Your time is valuable, so we focus on completing these workshops in a low impact and timely manner. We then develop scope and specification documents that guide the project and target development efforts to maximise value for your business.

Acurus’ Agile development process translates these specifications  into Sprint objectives – quickly achievable milestones in which we present you a customer-ready application for review. We check-in frequently so you can evolve your product as it takes shape in the hands of our development team.

Handover and Support
Acurus sees deployment-ready software as a refined vision of your business objectives ready for action. We take pride in supporting customers who deploy our completed products. We look forward to continuing our relationship by supporting products during normal business and providing further updates as your business needs evolve.

Service Offerings

Custom Code
Acurus turns your requirements into realities. Imagine an application tailored to the precise needs of your business. If off-the-shelf software is not meeting your needs, we will build your ideal software package for you. You define the data capture, storage and business rules. We provide the perfect software.

Business Intelligence and Reporting
See the trends and data that drive your profits. Acurus specialises in assisting clients by providing Dashboards and Reporting Services that give you the information you need when you need it.

Systems Integration
Acurus is familiar with many industry standard software offerings after  providing IT support to Australian businesses for the past decade. We implement data exchange, business rules, and more between diverse software environments. Need to integrate your CRM with your billing system? We can make it happen.

Web Development
Many Acurus engagements include an element of web design and development. We are familiar with the fundamentals of designing applications for the web as it continues to evolve. This makes us a valuable resource in providing the web services and interfaces standard in modern web-integrated applications.

Full Spectrum Support
Acurus is a business with IT capabilities far beyond development. Our developers have access to our experienced teams for requirements outside their field of expertise, we excel. Our cross-skilled teams ensure that development proceeds without technical impediments and that our clients have access to the broad scope of our staff’s collective experience.

Customers who have used our integration services include: