Acurus understands the challenges of migrating an existing IT environment to the cloud. We utilise a proven methodology to move your systems from a traditional on-premises configuration to the best fit of AWS, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and existing infrastructure. Our successfully established engagement model involves:

Stage One:

We start with key stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand your current environment. Your time is valuable, so we undertake these workshops in a low impact and timely manner to develop a list of systems for use in the Proof of Concept phase.

Utilising in-place and Acurus-provided systems, we collect detailed statistics from your existing infrastructure during the Proof of Concept. This focus ensures we capture both “average” and peak demands.

We perform an in-depth analysis of the collected Baseline data and details gathered in the Discovery phase. We focus both on the systems risk profile of moving to the cloud and on its commercial impact.

While everything can live in the cloud, Acurus recognises this has a cost impact. We ensure factors such as bandwidth, latency, IO, and the required number of CPU cores are taken into consideration when designing your approach to the cloud.

We provide you with a detailed report containing our recommendations, findings, inclusions, timeframes, and the order of how we propose you move to the cloud.

Stage Two

Proof of Concept
After you decide, we commence migrating the agreed upon services, working with you to minimise business impact. Our engineers both perform the scheduled migrations and monitor your systems, post migration.

Proof of Concept Review & Roadmap
After meeting with you to review the outcomes of the completed migration process, our next step is to work with you to create a roadmap that outlines work required to finalise your move to the cloud.

Stage Three

In line with the roadmap, we work closely with your team to move your systems to the cloud and also to implement automation and templating.

Business As Usual
Acurus is committed to collaborative success. We believe an important value add to our engagement is sharing the knowledge, skills, and support processes of our talented engineers with your team, so that there are no surprises – only successes.