Acurus consultants are quick to understand existing technologies and the rationale for their use. Our immediate objective is to identify risk management, compliance and governance implications and how these apply to architectural and application decisions. We work with each customer to understand their specific requirements including transactional, process, monitoring, documentation, record and control mechanisms.

This approach equips Acurus with a strategy informed by risk management, compliance and governance. This gains better buy-in from key stakeholders including Information, Governance and Risk Officers. We also audit and identify pain points across the business and ICT infrastructure including vulnerability; unnecessary complexity; fragmentation; wasted resources; and cost blowouts

Having outlined the current environment, the Acurus roadmap can now successfully navigate the path to your target environment. Acurus technology roadmaps deliver real world benefits including:

  • Improved ROI
  • Increased performance
  • Greater accountability
  • Stronger security
  • Longer lifecycle
  • Better visibility
  • Reduced risk; and
  • Less complexity.