Acurus knows that the Australian – and global – network landscape is changing. The need to access information instantly is becoming mandatory. In order to cope with future demand, organisations require high quality, high performance networks that securely deliver data and applications to a diverse range of devices from a wide variety of locations.


Few medium to large businesses can justify dedicated internal networking specialists as a full time resource while enterprises are discovering they can reduce costs by outsourcing previously unconsidered areas of network operations.

The Acurus value proposition, which covers both ends of the market, is best considered as a strategic phased approach. Enterprise companies can start by outsourcing routine processes and work toward outsourcing more complex areas and operations as they become more comfortable with the new sourcing model. Medium to large organisations can start with small network engineer jobs or a full network audit and work toward engaging Acurus to design and implement a complete network infrastructure refresh.

Creative Design

Acurus creatively moulds the following services into a unique solution that matches your organisation:

  • Network engineering and planning
  • Technology adoption mapping
  • Strategic networking roadmap
  • Provisioning
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Troubleshooting and Support
  • Performance Reports, and
  • Management Reports.

Acurus knows many approaches to designing and improving upon existing networks. The Acurus difference is that we enjoy the challenge of thinking up bold and creative ways to use the latest technologies. These innovative and affordable solutions reach for productivity rewards while prudently recognising potential risks.

Operational Budget Targets

Acurus can assist you to minimise the cap-ex spend on equipment and project deployment charges that comes with every new network project. We can help you move some or all of these upfront costs into your operational budget by placing them in the same area as monthly internet, network management and monitoring costs.

Acurus can create your next WAN

Acurus delivers consistently creative and cost effective network design services, despite the unrelenting rate of the change in the Australian networking landscape. Call us to discuss your next WAN (Wide Area Network) design and implementation project because we can help you prepare for and navigate these changes successfully.