Google Will Now Let Android Users Log In To Some Services Without A Password

Google has been working with Android to roll out password free services to all phones running Android 7 or higher. According to a Google help page, the feature also allows you to log in using whichever method you have set up to unlock your phone, which can include pins and pattern unlock.

Android phones already let you use your fingerprint to authenticate Google Pay purchases and log in to apps.

What’s new here is being able to use that same fingerprint to log in to one of Google’s web services within the Chrome browser.

Google says it plans to add the functionality to more Cloud services in the future.

Using a password manager along with two-factor authentication helps mitigate a lot of these vulnerabilities, but the new method Google is using removes them entirely.

You’ll need to already have your personal Google Account added to your Android device for this to work.

All Android devices running version 7.0 or later are FIDO2-certified, and Google lets you use an Android phone as a 2FA security key to log in to your account using the same technology.