Acurus delivers projects based on these four fundamental principles:

  1. Focus on individuals and interactions over process and tools
  2. Collaborative continuously with the client during the engagement
  3. Respond with agility to changes throughout the project lifecycle, and
  4. Tailor a project delivery approach to what best suits the client and the technology required by the intended project.

We believe these principles encapsulate our ability to deliver complex, business outcome-orientated solutions expected by our clients. The Acurus delivery approach ranges from traditional waterfall, hybrid, to lean agile methodologies, allowing our project teams to work collaboratively and concentrate on the delivered products.

We have established four key phases as part of project delivery to define the logical separation between key parts of the projects. These phases also represent key points for deliverables, quality checkpoints and sign-off.

Initiation Phase
During this phase, Acurus establishes its project team and internally couples with the appropriate methodology. The Project Manager schedules a kick-off meeting with key stakeholders to confirm scope of work, timeframes and other project controls for delivery. Once project controls and deliverables are confirmed, the Project Manager will draft the first release of the Project Schedule.

The information gathered during this phase is collated in a Project Initiation Document and project plan baselined. This initial documentation aims to define the project, to form the basis for its management and assess its overall success. Any subsequent changes to the project scope, objectives, deliverables, time or cost will be agreed through a project change process.

Planning Phase
With an agreed scope of work and delivery timeframe in, the Acurus Project Manager will facilitate workshops sessions with the client and vendors to validate the design and migration strategy for the in-scope applications. The deliverables for the Planning Phase include an application high level, detailed level design and migration strategy. The Project Manager will also introduce the project governance monitoring and controlling activities for delivering the project.

Execution Phase
Acurus only commences this phase after the client has reviewed and signed off the design and migration documentation. The Execution Phase focuses on the build, implement, test and deployment activities of the work packages defined under the scope of works. Acurus will execute the delivery of these work packages in parallel to achieve required project timelines.

Closure Phase

By this phase, in-scope applications are in a production state. The Acurus Project Manager will ensure all issues are resolved or deemed acceptable and will conduct a Post Implementation Review with the client to gather lessons for future projects of a similar nature. Once all objectives are met, Acurus will provide a Project Acceptance Certificate to mark that the project is complete to the client’s satisfaction. Acurus will also prepare a Project Closure Report for agreement with the client to finalise the project’s completion.