China’s Cyber Hacking Flex

IOS 15, Windows 10, Google Chrome Hacked During Huge Cyber Onslaught

Last month Chinese hackers went on something of a rampage, exploiting all but three of the 15 target products breached during the onslaught that was the Tianfu Cup.

The zero-day vulnerabilities, exploited by the Kunlun Lab and Team Pangu, saw a remote code execution attack and the first iOS 15 jailbreak to occur in a matter of seconds.

The competition victims also included Microsoft, with five successful exploits involving the Windows 10 operating system, one impacting Microsoft Exchange, and Google, leaving Chrome to succumb twice.

“Researchers do often retain vulnerabilities they’ve discovered in order to use them in competitions like these,” he says, adding, “But it’s important to consider the reason they stockpile vulnerabilities for competitions rather than disclosing them immediately to impacted vendors.” Simply put, the competitions pay, while vendors typically do not, according to Williams.

If you still think your company can deal with a cyber security issue if it happens, rather when it happens it is time to change your mindset.

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