A Lack of Employee Cyber Hygiene is the Next Big Threat

A Lack of Employee Cyber Hygiene is the Next Big Threat

A new report has identified employee cyber risk as a multifaceted issue currently revolving around cyber hygiene within an organisation.

Data in Mobile Mentor’s inaugural Endpoint Ecosystem Report suggests that everything from endpoints, passwords, training, security policies, to a lack of awareness are all contributing to a much higher risk of cyberattack.

Despite most phishing attacks focusing on credentials, statistics show that employees still have to improve their password hygiene:

  • Gen-Z employees have more than 20 work passwords and type more than 16 passwords daily
  • 69% of employees admit to choosing passwords that are easy to remember
  • 29% of employees write their passwords down in a journal
  • 24% store passwords in a Notes app on their phone

64% of employees use a personal device for work with access to corporate systems, data, and apps from personal devices. Organisations must enable secure bring-your-own-device systems and provide proper training about cyberattacks, vigilance, good hygiene within their company.

However, according to the report only 25% of in-office workers receive security training monthly.

Organisations need to focus on continual Security Awareness Training and see every aspect of the employee’s interaction with corporate resources, applications, and data as a possible target. Strengthening employee’s own awareness begins to elevate a state of vigilance to ensure better cyber hygiene and a more secure organisation.

If you have questions on how to strengthen your passwords, or would like to take the steps to increase your organisation’s cyber hygiene, contact us today.